The SSE service directory offers access to a continuously expanding set of basic and more complex Earth observation and GIS services. Services can be free of charge, for demonstration or fully operational and requiring payment. You can browse, request a quotation for each of the services or order them via an online form. To access the full set of available services, you should Register as SSE portal user.

The Heterogeneous Mission Accessibility activity objective is to define the interoperability concept across the ground segments of the European, Canadian and EUMETSAT missions which will contribute with their capacity to the GMES initial phase. The SSE portal is offering access to the prototypes and services for demonstration resulting from the HMA activities.

Main EO Contributors such as space agencies, data processing centres, data providers, educational establishments, private companies and research centres have chosen to actively participate in the SSE initiative enabling the SSE portal to give access to a large variety of services. You can access the SSE organisations directory.

2015-04-01: SSE New version available during 1st and 2nd of April

Dear SSE users,

Please be informed that the current SSE Portal will be replaced by its new version during the 1st and 2nd of April 2015.
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To innovate there is nothing better than to share ideas and competences with other professionals and companies of the sector. The "Join and Share Area" helps to find colleagues and partners to boost development and business, as well as tools to share the knowledge and skills present in the SSE network. Services available in the area include a Wiki, several Forums and a Blog.

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